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MoxieMetrics is a proprietary biometric data collection system that allows screeners to immediately verify and securely transmit data from onsite testing events to our secure network for processing.



  • Accessible from anywhere with Internet access
  • HIPAA-Compliant security practices
  • Data validation and error checking
  • Ability to transfer information to your data system (additional fees may apply)
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Site coordinator access to appointment listing and event information
  • Able to interface with other reporting or data collection systems
  • Import and export via healthcare exchange standards (HL-7) and standard data formats (CSV, XLS, XML)


  • Quick turnaround of results
  • Reduced errors
  • Faster access to reports


  • Each user has their own specific log-in with security privileges and roles assigned
  • Create custom questions for screenings
  • Capture consent forms with signatures
  • Participant screening data review on-site for accuracy
  • Notifies screener of potential immediate health concerns (critical values)
  • Midland staff or onsite coordinator can print updated appointment list for an event
  • View list of all upcoming events scheduled for a specific group or company
  • Add a participant on site
  • Use existing list of employees to determine eligible participants
  • Track captured information from one year to the next
  • See which scheduled participants did not attend the screening